Friday, June 28, 2013


Scrapkit:  Inzpired creations “Band w Bling (bundle1 at bottom of page)  HERE
Mask: none
Template:  Millie’s PSP Madness – template241 – scroll down a little HERE
Tube:  Kirsche with Pics for Design  (don’t use without a license) HERE
Font:  Kingsthings Spikeless  HERE
Effects Used:  a lot of my filters you can find  HERE
Tramages/tow the Line
Kang/Houdini is only sleeping
Filter Factory G/xaggerate
~~drop shadow (DS) your choice
~~I always c/p paper by going to selections/select all/float/defloat/invert    and past paper as a new layer and hit the delete key on the keyboard. Select none, I also use this method when putting a tube into a frame
~~I always adjust/sharpen/sharpen more for my elements and DS
~~If using a template, I always start at bottom and work up
~~ I will let you know which elements I am using and if I resize them, and you can place as I have them or as you feel best
Papers Used:  7, 8
Elements Used:  bow2, butterflies1, doodle3, flower1&2, glitter1, ribbon2

Open template and delete copyright and word art layers
Merge 1 & 2 together – pp8
Selections/select all/selections modify/expand by 7/new raster layer, flood fill with color from tube/move this layer below pp8
Select noe/merge these 2 together
Adjust/blur/radial/ default
Effects/tramages/tow the line/default
Layer3 – flood fill with color from tube
Apply effects/texture effects at default with color of choice (I used black to go with my tube)
Merge 4 & 6 together – pp7
Effects/kang/houdini is only sleeping/default
Make gradient of 2 colors sunburst/angle45/repeats8
Flood fill layer 5 with this gradient
Effects/filter factory G/xaggerate/settings 50, 204
Layer7 – flood fill with same color from layer3
Apply xaggerate to this layer also
c/p tube and place in middle
Butterflies1 – resize by 60% and c/p onto pp7 layer
Duplicate/image/mirror and move up a bit
Glitter1 –resize by 80%/image/rotate right
c/p onto canvas and position below tube layer
c/p doodle3 and position to the left/duplicate/image/mirror
bow2 – resize by 40%
ribbon2 – resize by 70%/duplicate/move up a little bit
flower2 – resize by 30%, c/p onto canvas and duplicate a few times and position to your liking
flower1 – resize by 50% and c/p under tube at the feet
merge all visible/effects/xero/porcelain/blue slider to 0
crop, resize, add proper copyright, your name and you are done

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