Saturday, July 27, 2013

FTU - Sweet - animated

Scrapkit: Niqui’s kit IB Vermany    HERE
Mask: none
Template:  Wendy #32  HERE
Tube:  OrigaSh at PFD  HERE
Font: Kindergarten  HERE
Effects Used:  (I get a lot from HERE )
Eye Candy 4000 – hsb noise
Two Moon – rotate and fade away

Open the template and delete copyright layer, wa, and rectangle
Doodle layer – flood fill with dark color from tube
Circle background – I wanted to add a gradient color to the black part
Grab magic wand – add/rgb/0 and click on the black…new raster layer and flood fill with gradient of choice….KEEP SELECTED
Effects – two moon/rotate and fade away/94, 159
Ele27 – image/mirror – c/p onto canvas/invert/delete
Ele28 – c/p onto canvas and delete……….SELECT NONE
Back on your circle background – do the same with magic wand
Ele2 – c/p onto canvas and position…….invert/delete
c/p tube and position in center
ele7 – resize 70% - c/p onto canvas and place behind the circle frame
ele24 – resize 40% and c/p onto canvas and position
ele23 – resize 25% and c/p onto canvas and position
ele13 – resize by 20% and c/p onto canvas and position, image/free rotate/right/20….resize original ele13 by 80% now for a smaller butterfly…c/p onto canvas/image/free rotate/left 20
ele12 – resize 50% and c/p onto canvas and position at top of circle frame
crop, resize, add proper copyright and name
In psp click on circle frame….effects/eye candy 400/hsb noise/default
Right click on image and copy merged
In AS paste as new animation
Back in psp, undo…..effects/hsb noise/hit random seed
Right click on image and copy merged
In AS paste AFTER current frame
Do these steps 2 more times for a total
View animation and you are done!

Thanks for trying this tut, would love to post what you made…thanks

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