Sunday, October 29, 2017

Scrapkit - Autumn is Here - HERE
Template - Simple Expressions  HERE
Tube - PP Blooming by Zlata+M @PFD HERE (resized mine 60%)
Delete credit layer, white, flower center, and flower layer and as always I start at the bottom and work up
DS as you go
Leafy swirl - p6
flower cluster - p3
horizontal strip - p3
lg rectangle - p7
sm rectangle - p4
lace trim - p1
ele11 - resize 90%
ele28 - resize 35% and place where flower was
ele46 - resize 45% top right hand corner and drag below e28
duplicate/image mirror/image flip
ele57 - resize 80%
ele5 - resize 80%
Click on top layer
ele45 -resize 35% and place left hand side of bottom rectangle
ele20 -resize 80% and place bottom of template and drag to bottom layer
Place tube so she is at the bottom, in the middle
ele11 - resize 60% and place move a little to the left and drag below ele45
ele13 - resize 40% and place next to the acorns
crop/merge visible/resize/place proper copyright

Saturday, July 8, 2017


NOt sure what the heck is going on with photobucket.... I was able to recover a few tags for my tuts. Here is the new blog link   Please bear with me as I try to find time to update the new blog....thanks

Friday, May 26, 2017

Emo Rock - TTL Exclusive Kit

Scrapkit - Emo Rock at TTL HERE
Template - by Toxic Desire - HERE
Tube -  VeryMany at PFD

Open template and delete copyright layer
Add a drop shadow of your choice as you go
Always starting at bottom
Merge both green together - p1
Merge blue together - p5
Merge pink together - p4
Merge yellow together - p2
Frame1 - 75%
Ele11 - 40% - free rotate right by 10
Ele2 - 45% - free rotate left by 10
Ele1 - 60% - free rotate right by 10
Ele8 - 35%
Paste your tube
Crop/resize as needed...proper copyright and you are done

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Blue -FTU

Srapkit -  Feeling Blue by Chaos Priestess - HERE
Template by LindaNM - the first one - HERE
Tube - VeryMany HERE  please don't use without a license
Open template and delete top 3 layers, all raster 5 layers, and white background
I also adjusted my papers to blue
I always start at the bottom and work my way up:
All raster 3 layes use p 02
Black circles use backdrop instead of a paper - use your magic wand at default for each black circle
All of raster 1...p7...use magic wand on each,  I used my closeup to fill those rectangles ---layer properties/overlay. You may do with as you wish.
String02 - resize 80%
Heart02 - resize 70%
Ele01 - move behind tube layer
Flower06- resize 30%
Crop and resize tag....add proper copyright

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Decided to make a template...hope you can use... find this  HERE  please let me know you downloaded it

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

TTL Exclusive - "Garden" (somewhat longer than I normally do)

Scrapkit by JST Exclusive to TTL - HERE
Template - Marilyn T2 - HERE
Tube - by Danny Lee with S&Co HERE
Effects - VanDerLee - snowflakes
Open template, delete copyright, very bottom shape (star), arrows, and word art layers
Unhide white background layer
I always work from bottom up
Paste p8 and apply mask of choice
Brn shape - p1
Brn shape p3
Merge thesse 2 together for animation layer
Tan shape - p6
Ele29 - resize 55% and put one on each circle
Ele45 - resize 70%
Ele35 - resize 45%
Ele32  - resize 20%
Ele13 - canvas size 700x700....lets put some flowers in these pots and work on this as the canvas for now
feel free to add your flowers how you are my sizes and flowers I used:
Ele30 - laid on edge
Ele16 - 50% - put in corner
Resize the elemnt by 60% and place other corner/image/mirror
Ele28 - 60% - lay at bottom
Ele28 - place on ele16 and position to your liking - erase the stems
Ele27 - erase stems and put on top - image/flip/image/free rotate 30 to the right
Ele42 - 40% place left top - move under ele27
Ele9 -60% and place right of pot
Merge visible - resize 40% and paste onto original canvas
Bring ducks and frog above this ele
Now for the tube - you can do as you want, I did her in all 3 play with what you like best... I grey scaled for the blue circles and then added Xero-porcelain...layers-luminanceL
With my close up....I image/free rotate right 30
Crop your image now, the tricky part:
x out the top 8 layers and from the bottom up - 5 layers - merge visible...reopen all your layers
Add proper copyright and name
~~~~~animation part~~~~~~~
open AS
On your ani layer go to
Effects/vanderlee/snowflakes with these settings:
Then select none
copy merged
paste in AS as a new image
back in PSP, hit undo 2 x
VDL/snowflakes with random seed at 860
in AS, paste after current frame
hit undo 2 x
VDL/snowflakes with random seed at 840
copy merged
in AS, paste after current frame
Check your image and save

Monday, April 17, 2017

Dreaming - FTU

Scrapkit - Dreaming  HERE
Template by Chas - HERE
Tube - Zindy HERE  do not use without proper copyright
Open template and delete copyright and word art
Image/canvas size/700x700
I always start at the bottom
Merge grey boxes together - p21
Merge black circles - p1
Black rect - p13
Dark grey rect - pattern paper1 - place  again so it covers whole selection....then merge these together
Image/adjust/sharpen more
White oval - p4
Black oval & grey square - p7
Grab magic wand and click inside grey rectangle and add p5
Fraame8 resize 60% and place onn oval and then add your tube
Scatter3 - resize 60%
Flowers7 - resize60%  - image/flip
Butterfly4 - resize 45%
Clock - move layer below tube
Clouds3 - 40%
Catcup - resize 20%
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright