Friday, July 29, 2016

Hibiscus _ FTU

Scrapkit - Hibiscus by Amy and Leah HERE
Tube - Alehandra Vanhek with PFD - HERE
Open paper5 - apply mask of choice and merge group
Frame5 - resize 90% and place on image
Grab your freehand selection - set to freehand and draw around the frame/invert/pp7/delete/select none and drag below frame layer
Leaf1 - position
Branch - position
Net - resize 80% and position
Flower1 - position
Flower2 - position
Shell2 - resize 75% and position
Butterfly - position/free rotate/right/20
Position tube of choice/crop/resize if needed and add proper copyright

This tag was made by Vicky over at Artistic Tag Passions...thank you again, Vicky, for trying my tut :)

Donna at The Taggers Lounge made this

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Coffee Time - FTU

Scrapkit by Babs of Bitzy Beez Designz - HERE
Template by Dee - HERE
Tube - VeryMany HERE  Do not use without proper copyright
Open template, delete copyright, white background and the 3 frame layers - also word art
~~I always work from the bottom up
Paper 18 - resize by 95%- apply mask of choice - merge group
Paste as bottom layer
Merge left & right square together - pp13
Effects/3d/inner bevel/white/default
Merge pink squares together - pp23
Black rect - pp8
White circle - pp13 use same inner bevel
Black circle - pp12
Right blue rect - pp17
Right white rec - pp1
Blue strip - pp22
Left blue rect - pp17
Left white rec - pp8
Close up - position as mine
Staying on close up - Effects/xero/nostalgia/default then apply xero again using porcelain moving slider to the left
Layer properties/multiply/opacity 70
Place your main tube and position
Label 5
Doodle 7 - resize 80%
Butterflies 1&2 - I added them together - you do as you want - resize 70%
Place and adjust/sharpness/sharpen more
Necklace1 - resize 75%
Flower 12 - resize 30% - duplicate/image/mirror/flip - use sharpen more on both flowers
Flower 9 - resize 15% - same as flower 12
Merge all visible/resize/crop/add proper copyright

Sea - FTU

Scrapkit by Horseplay - HERE
ClusterHERE  (I used the last one made by Louise)
Mask - your choice
Tube - Blue Ocean Exclusive at PFD HERE
Open your cluster and erase copyright
Image/canvas size 800x800 (I like a big canvas to work with when using clusters)
Paste pp6 and drag behind cluster and apply mask/merge mask group
Move mask layer down a little to make more center of cluster
Ele72 - place at bottom of cluster
Ele65 - duplicate 2x's and merge together and past behind right side of cluster
Merge these 2 layers together
Adjust/sharpness/sharpen more
Ele16 - position as shown
Ele44 - resize 50% and position as shown
Ele28 - position behind the cluster
Crop your tag so we can add our tube
If using the same tube as me, I resized mine by 40%
Place as you desire
Merge all visible
Resize, add proper copyright and you're done

These tags were done by friends at Artistic Tag Passions

I totally love the different takes on this tutorial

Quick Forum Tag

You can find this tut at The Taggers Lounge - HERE

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cluster - FTU

I made a cluster with Melissa's Kit - Country Summer. You can grab this over at The Taggers Lounge blog HERE

Thursday, July 14, 2016

PTU Sunset Blvd


Scrapkit - Exclusive to The Taggers Lounge - Sunset Boulevard HERE
Mask - Your choice
Tube - "Dolly" Alehandra Vanhek at PFD HERE
"Add drop shadow as you go"
New image 700x700
Paste pp1 and apply mask...merge group
Frame1 - rotate this 90 to the left
Grab your magic wand - add/none and click inside each frame/expand by 2/pp6/selections invert/delete and drag below the frame layer
Add a ds of your choice to frame and merge down
Grab the Geko and place on frame
Palm Tree - erase as needed
Sparkle - top right-ish
Tube - resize and place (I resized mine 47%)
Petals - position top right- drag to mask layer
Flower2 - position middle of mask layer
Flower3 - paste and drag a little to the bottom left
Flower1 - poisition
Decore - place as desired
Bubbles - position/image/free rotate left 90
Flourish - position as you like
Sun cream - resize 45%
Bahama mama - resize 45%
Bfly3 - resize 30% - position on frame/rotate to the left a little bit
Sunglasses - resize 50%
Merge visible/crop/resize/add proper copyright


I am back and hopefully will be getting more tutorials written. Enjoy and as always, you can send me your work of my tutorial and I will proudly display it :)