Saturday, October 17, 2015

FTU - Halloween2

Scrapkit - from Beba HERE
Mask - your choice
Template - HERE  1st template on 4th row
Tube - Zlata_M at PFD HERE

Open template and delete copyright, ribbons, bottom, and slider layers
I work from bottom to top
Click on bottom layer and add pp6 and apply your mask/merge group
Next add pp7
Add ele25
Add ele24
Add pp2 for border layer
Crop your tag - don't resize
Apply EC4000/glass/default but change edge darkening to -58 and the color to orange
Next layer
Effect - Xero/fritillary/top # change to 5/bottom # 115
Next layer
Effect - texture/antique mosaic/default
Next layer - effect default
Next 4 layers...merge down
Adjust/sharpness/sharpen more
Add ele2&3 at bottom
Add ele18
Add ele23
Ele19 resize 50% and place as shown - erase any over the frame then drag to layer under the 4 merged layers
Resize tube and place as shown...erase any over the edge
Click on top layer and add the following:
Ele 8
Ele20 - resize 45% - add a thing white glow
Ele17 - resize 30%
Drag ele15 to below tube layer
Click top layer add ele14
Merge all visible/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Halloween - ftu

Kit - Monster Bash by Lisa with Creative Misfits - HERE
Mask - your choice
Tube - DannyLee with Scraps and Company  - HERE
Open bat paper and apply mask of choice
Open frame1 - resize 85% and place on canvas
Grab magic wand and click inside frame/selections/modify/expand by 2/click on mask layer and promote/select none
Adjust/blur/radial blur - change blur strength to 25
starswirl - resize 85%
Stars - resize 80% and place below frame
Bow2 - resize 70%
Zombie - resize 70%
Candybucket - resize 40%
Skullcupcake - resize 45%
Frame layer...magic wand/click inside frame/modify/expand by 2/Place close up/invert/delete/select none
On your tube layer - layer properties to hard light or whichever looks best
Merge all visible/crop/resize/add proper copyright and you are done