Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Year - exclusive

Kit - Elegant New Year by Tika TTL HERE
Template by Denz - #204 HERE
Tube - Ismael Rac....use only with proper copyright ...he is HERE

Open template, delete copyright layer
PP6 - send to bottom apply mask of choice/merge group
Sm circle 1 & 2 - pp4
Black Oval - pp3
Blue semi circle - pp5
Blue rectangle - pp1
Pink rectangle - pp6
Small blue strip - pp4
Stargarland - resize 50%
Sparkle2 - Image/free rotate/ right by 90 degrees
Sparkle1 - resize 75%
Open the star and place your tube in it...erase any you want...resize to fit on tag
Use a fancy font and write your words
I used Inspiration but is a PTU font
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed and add proper copyright

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Pink Winter - Exclusive to TTL

Scrapkit - by Tika "Iced Pink Winter" - TTL Exclusive kit HERE
Mask - Your choice
Tube - PUT at CDO
Effect - VanDerLee-snowflake HERE  (I used the http download)
Open pp1 and apply mask of choice/merge group
Add new raster with white/send to bottom
Frame1 - resize80%
Winterbling1 - resize 80%
Flower1 - resize 15% - paste onto image
Effects/mura meister/copies/encircle/change top 3 to 12, 75, 75
Pinkgarland - resize 60%
Bow1 - resize 35%
Leaves - resize 65%
bearsledding - resize 40%
Place your tube
Crop and resize/add proper copyright
Click back on your winter bling layer
Effects/vanderlee/snowflakes/amount is 100/maximum size is 10/random seed at 0/ok
Right click/copy merged
In AS click/paste as new animation
*back on your bling layer in psp/undo
Effects/vdlsnowflakes/change random seed to 50
Right click/copy merged
right click on image in as and PASTE AFTER CURRENT FRAME
back on your bling layer in psp/undo*
Repeat from * to * as many times as you want (I did mine 4 times) increasing the random seed by 50 each time
Once you are done, you can slow down the snow fall by:
Edit/select all then click on animation/frame properties and change the number to whatever you want (mine is at 25)


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Exclusive to TTL - Christmas Candy

Scrapkit - Merry Christmas by Jen Exclusive to TTL  HERE
Template - #135 from Horseplays Pasture HERE
Mask - #66 by Roses Black HERE
Word ArtHERE
Tube - Cano - Exclusive to The Taggers Lounge HERE

Open template, delete copyright layer and white background
DS of your choice as you go along
Image/Canvas size/700x700
PP4 - apply mask/merge group
Rect1 - pp2
Rect2 - pp7
Rect3 - pp6
Merge the 3 slats together
Make a gradient with 2 colors of choice/linear/angel is 0/repeats 6
Flood fill your slats and add noise of choice
Staying here, selections/all/float/modify by 2/new raster layer/flood fill with dark color/select none and move below the slats layer
Rect4 - I used ele44 in place of a pp
Paste ele31 and place a little to the left/image/flip - readjust/duplicate/image/mirror and repeat for bottom
Bring your mask layer up
Place tube
Word art - resize 75%
Ele14 - resize 75%
Merge all visible/crop/resize/add proper copyright

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Jingle Bells Blogtrain with The Taggers Lounge

Welcome to the Taggers Lounge Blog Train!
"Jingle Bells"
Please visit the stops to pick up the goodies awaiting and 
don't forget to leave some love ♥
If you enjoy tagging and making new friends please stop by the forum
and join us today!

*Remember all items may not be available at the same time*  HEADQUARTERS
Here is my contribution

Friday, December 2, 2016

Wonderland - FTU

Kit - Its a Wonderland by HPD HERE  (5th one down) Please remember to leave a thank you when downloading
Mask - your choice
Tube -  Bonus PUT from CDO HERE  Please use proper copyright
DS of your choice as you go along
Open new image 700x700
Paste pp4 and apply mask/merge group
Ele28 - resize 80%
Ele11 - resize 60%
Ele60 - position
PP17 - resize 60% and place below frame/grab your magic wand and click inside the frame/selections/expand by 6/invert/click on pp layer and delete
Ele34 - resize 60%
Ele31 - resize 80% and place on bottom of frame
Ele43 - resize 80% and place to right
I placed my tube so she is peeking out from behind the tree
Ele39 - resize 60%
Ele37 - resize 60% - place bear leaning against ele39
Merge all layers visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright