Sunday, December 25, 2016

Pink Winter - Exclusive to TTL

Scrapkit - by Tika "Iced Pink Winter" - TTL Exclusive kit HERE
Mask - Your choice
Tube - PUT at CDO
Effect - VanDerLee-snowflake HERE  (I used the http download)
Open pp1 and apply mask of choice/merge group
Add new raster with white/send to bottom
Frame1 - resize80%
Winterbling1 - resize 80%
Flower1 - resize 15% - paste onto image
Effects/mura meister/copies/encircle/change top 3 to 12, 75, 75
Pinkgarland - resize 60%
Bow1 - resize 35%
Leaves - resize 65%
bearsledding - resize 40%
Place your tube
Crop and resize/add proper copyright
Click back on your winter bling layer
Effects/vanderlee/snowflakes/amount is 100/maximum size is 10/random seed at 0/ok
Right click/copy merged
In AS click/paste as new animation
*back on your bling layer in psp/undo
Effects/vdlsnowflakes/change random seed to 50
Right click/copy merged
right click on image in as and PASTE AFTER CURRENT FRAME
back on your bling layer in psp/undo*
Repeat from * to * as many times as you want (I did mine 4 times) increasing the random seed by 50 each time
Once you are done, you can slow down the snow fall by:
Edit/select all then click on animation/frame properties and change the number to whatever you want (mine is at 25)


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