Wednesday, September 11, 2013

FTU - Autumn

ScrapKit –  Amy and Leah, Amazing Autumn  HERE
Template –   none
Mask –  BP FrameMsk6   HERE
Tube –  Alex with PFD HERE
Greg factory vol2 - shatter
~~drop shadow (DS) your choice
~~I always c/p paper by going to selections/select all/float/defloat/invert    and past paper as a new layer and hit the delete key on the keyboard. Select none, I also do this when putting a tube into a frame
~~I always adjust/sharpen/sharpen more for my elements and DS
~~If using a template, I always start at bottom and work up
~~ When I use a mask, I open it in PSP and c/p paper and go to layers/new mask layer/from image and in the drop down box find the mask and apply, if mostly black is showing, I check the invert mask data box
Open new image 700x700, white background
Pp1 – apply mask, merge group and paste onto working canvas
Grab magic wand and click inside your mask, modify/expand by 8, pp8, drag below mask layer
Frame4 – paste onto canvas
Effects – Greg Factory Vol II/shatter/183,185,39,66, image/flip – rename ani
Wooden pumpkins – resize 50%
Gourds – resize 40%
Gnome – resize 60%
Branch1 – resize 60%, erase branch stem…paste onto canvas and place different places
LeafScatter – resize 70%
Paste tube and position
Crop, resize, add proper copyright, and you are done

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