Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beach Bash USA (quick n easy)

Scrapkit by Tasha - HERE
Mask 321 - HERE (use top mask)
Tube is an Exclusive to PFD - Victoria - HERE
PLEASE leave thank you's when downloading
Open new image 700x700
Paste pp4 - resized by 85%
Apply mask/merge group
Stars - place on top of mask
Frame3 - resize 90%
Grab Magic Wand - add/none and click inside frame/selections/modify/expand by 6 and right click on your mask layer and promote selection to layer/deselect
Adjust/blur/motion blur/angle45/strength100 - repeat 1x
Duplicate and merge down
Stars2 - place on rh side of frame - duplicate/image/rotate/right/90 and drag to bottom of frame
Boombox - resize 70%
Chair - place under frame - erase any hanging outside frame
Umbrella - resize 70% - same
Place tube as shown
Sparkles2 - place and move down a bit
Crab - resize 70% - image/free rotate left 20%
Add ds of your choice/crop/merge visible/resize/add proper copyright/

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