Monday, March 7, 2016

Lucky Babe - TTL Exclusive Kit

Scrap Kit - Lucky Babe by @Jens Sweet Temptations exclusive to TTL HERE
TemplateHERE  (I used the last template)
Tube - by Misticheskaya @ SATC...she sells at PFD now HERE
Open template and delete copyright and layer 3 - drag the word art to upper left and add thin gradient glow - d/s of your choice as you follow along

Merge layer 1 & 2 together
PSP Effect/texture/mosaic antique - default
Layer4 - pp7 and move a little to the left
Layer5 - pp9
Layer6 - pp10 - add a small border around layer 6
Selections/select all/float/modify/expand by 4/new raster layer and flood fill with color of choice
Now add a light "bright noise" - drag below your paper
Layer7 - pp 8 - add border as for layer 6
I went back and did the same to layer4
Click back at top
Doodle 1
Bow - resize 25%
Hat&coins - resize 50%
Dice - resize 40%
Balloons - place behind doodle 1 - I erased some of the do how you want
Pot o gold - 55%
Place your tube and position to your liking - merge all visible
Crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright and done :)

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