Friday, October 28, 2016


BCA KitHERE (Grab it quick)
Mask -  by Bam Bangers - HERE (using mask1)
Tube - HERE  by is a freebie...make sure to use the url in the download  strictly for this tube
Open template
Delete word art and copyright layer
Starting at bottom adding a ds of your choice as you go:
Shape - p7
Arrows - -merge together and flood fill your choice
Glitter rect - adjust/hue saturation/colorize I used H231 and S134
Rect - p6
Paste p2 and apply mask/merge group
Dotted rect - same hue and sat
Make a gradient with 2 colors of choice -  linear, angle 25, repeats 8
4 star layers - merge together and fill with gradient - stay on this layer
Selections/select all/float/modify by 3 - new layer - flood fill with a dark color and drag below the star layer - apply some noise
Glitter circle, no shape - same hue and sat as before
Black circle - p2
Ele22 - layer properties to overlay
Place your tube as you want - for mine, I duplicated the no shape and dragged the dup above tube abd erased off her face and arm
Ele18 - resize 35% - duplicate/mirror
Ele24 - resize 25%
Ele25 - 18%
Ele17 - resize 30%
Ele10 - resize 40%
Ele2 - resize 40% position and erase a bit of the stem, duplicate, mirror
E9 - resize 10%
hide the white layer
Crop/merge visible/resize as needed/add proper url and you are done

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