Friday, February 17, 2017

Lucky - FTU

Scrapkit is "Feeling Lucky" - HERE
Template - #45 - download bundle 41-50 HERE
Mask - your choice
Tube is PUT from CDO HERE  (I used 4)

Open template/canvas size 700x700...delete top 4 layers and delete white background layer too
Starting at the bottom and ds as you go:
Paste p16 - apply mask/merge group
Bg swirls - fill with a dark color and add an inner bevel of choosing and a gradient glow
Square - p1

Dotted squares - add a glow
Frame fill - p3 (do this for all 3 frame fills)
Add your tube to each now
On the tubes - Xero/porcelain/green slider to 100, the other two at 0
Frame1,2,3 - p13
I decided at this point to delete the frame trims
El27 - resize 40%/place/duplicate/mirror
Ele2 - resize 30%
El34 - resize 50% and position on top of square
El15 - position
El16 - resize 70% - position right of frames...I needed to erase the shamrocks on her face
Place standing tube and add same porcelain effect
crop tag/merge all visible/resize as needed/please add proper copyright