Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tube - Ismael Rac HERE
Effects used:
Mura Meister - Copies
PSP Effects
Xero - Porcelain, Carravagio
new image 600x250
paste tube
effects - mura meister/copies/wallpaper rotate/default
Effects/texture effects/blinds/default/color white
Effects - Xero Carravagio/5, 3, 5, -27, repeat
Grab selections tool/rounded square/add/feather 20
Make a square in center and promote selection to layer
Paste face of tube over the promoted layer/selections/select all/float/invert/delete/select none
Effects - Xero/porcelain/blue slider to 0
Layer properties to multiply/default
Click on promoted layer
Effects/texture/mosaic antique/default
X out wallpaper layer and merge visible - now move this to the left
Resize tube/ paste onto canvas/image/mirror and drag to left
Effects/mura meister/copies/afterimage linear/default
Effects/xero/porcelain/same as before
Merge visible/crop
New raster layer/selections/select all/modify/select selections borders/boder width is 6, both sides checked
Flood fill with a drak color from tube/select none
Add a bevel of choice to your frame and a small white gradient glow
Add proper copyright and you are done

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