Sunday, March 22, 2015

FTU Easter

Scrapkit - by Golden HERE
Template - by Vicky bunny temp - HERE
Tube - PUT "Kimmy Bunny" @ CDO HERE
Font - bumblebees HERE
Open template and delete copyright layer, resize templ by 80%, hide white background
I will be starting at the bottom and working my way up...DS as you go
Shape2 - pp3
Duplicate/click on original/effects/texture effects/antique mosaic
ES swirl1 - resize 65% - bring above shape2
Shape4 - pp2
Shape3 - pp19
Shape1 - pp17
Untitled - selections/select all/float/defloat
Bunny4 - image/free rotate/left 20/ paste so his face is fitting to untitled layer/delete
Adjust/sharpen/sharpen more
Egg rainbow - resize 65% and place bottom of template - drag your bunny face up a bit - erase any bunny left after
Eggs1 - resize 41% and place on top of clouds on rainbow
Place your tube and center her
Crop/use proper copyright
Add name

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