Monday, April 6, 2015

FTU Spring Fling

Scrap Kit - HERE
Mask - your choice (I used a round one)
Tube - Ismael Rac HERE  (I used super sexy babe)
Font - Cellos Script HERE
Open new image 600x600 transparent
Paper9 - paste onto canvas/apply mask/merge group
Sparkliesnbubbles - resize 75% and paste onto canvas
WordArt circle - resize 95% and paste onto canvas
Ele19 - resize 90% and paste onto canvas (erase shadow on this element bottom right side corner)
Ele42 - resize 40% and place 2 o'clock position on wordart circle
Ele23 - resize 40% and place 7 o'clock position
Ele25 - resize 40% and place behind bird
Ele29 - resize 40% and place underneath birds feet
Paste tube and erase any of tube hanging out the bottom
Crop/resize/add proper copyright
Font - size 100 and used EC4000 - glass