Monday, April 20, 2015

Quick n Easy Forum

This week we will try a forum tutorial - quick and easy
Scrapkit - Horseplay's "Faith" (5th one down)  HERE
Tube - Spazz's 'Lauren"  HERE (or tube of choice)
Font - Respective HERE
Open new image 650x200
Paste pp16
Resize tube some - paste onto canvas and move her to the right
New raster layer/selections/select all/modify/select selection borders/6/both sides/anit alias checked
Paste pp4/invert/delete/select none
Effects/EC4000/gradient glow
under settings click on electric in your basics tab...change glow width to 3/ok
Ele17 - place onto canvas and drag under tube/mirror and place to your liking
Crop/add proper copyright and name

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